Education highlights

  • Weekly Elementary Classes and High School Design and Science Classes. 
    Students find new inspiration in interdisciplinary studies involving art, language, science, math, engineering, and literacy during weekly visits to the garden. Their core curricular studies in the garden are based on real world, place-based experiences. Here is what a few of our students are working on in 2018:
    • 12th grade physics students are designing and testing greenhouse models to extend our production season
    • 1st graders are writing garden-inspired poetry using all their senses during their “how the world works” Unit of Inquiry
    • 3rd graders are using the garden to harvest and preserve foods while studying Native American culture
    • 4th graders produce and direct an annual farmers market
    • The 10th grade biology class is studying phenology and using the garden to document plant growth and cycles throughout the year
    • 10th grade environmental science students are mentoring elementary students in farm technique workgroups
  • High School Internships
  • Farmers Market
  • Greenhouse Program (up and coming)