Our interdisciplinary curriculum coordinates with each grade level to create inquiry-based lessons and projects that integrate into the themes already being learned in the classroom. Students progress through the years in the garden gaining knowledge and skills while developing character traits like teamwork, diligence, and humility.

Our students track each lesson in their garden journal. These journals follow the students throughout their whole elementary school career, building up a store of garden knowledge that can be referenced throughout the years, and will help them share what they learn at home.

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The Learning Circle

Each class starts in the circle where the lesson is taught; often opening with a question to introduce the topic.  Students sit on straw bales while working with one another, recording details of the lesson in their journals.  Class ends at the circle as well.  This is an opportunity to review the lesson and report what they worked on in the garden.

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Work Groups

Students are involved with all aspects of keeping the garden up and running.  From planting cover crop to harvesting and weighing produce, they do the work to maintain the garden and get the veggies to the cafeteria.

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Sensory Kitchen

The Sensory Kitchen is a chance for students to taste the fruits of their labor and experience the garden in an intimate way.  Groups of students take turns touring the garden, selecting and preparing fresh produce for their classmates to snack on in circle at the end of the lesson.  Students try things they may never have tried otherwise, like beet greens, kohlrabi, nasturtium flowers, and watermelon radishes.